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Doorstep tailoring
We are providing free doorstep pick-up and delivery services to make your life very comfortable
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Expertly Hand Cut
Every garment is hand cut to your individual measurements then stitched by our expert tailors
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Guaranteed Fit
Our goal is to make sure you look and feel at thevery best with our bespoke tailoring services
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You can design on your own
We have a team of highly professional and experienced tailors to execute your designs as per your desire
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Prompt delivery without any hassle
We will get your Guaranteed Fit apparel stitched and delivered to you in 08 days (5 days & 2 days option available at checkout)
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Customer Service
We are here to transform your tailoring experience from good to great and great to WOW


Due to the tight schedules, people nowadays prefer to choose the online tailors that offer a lot of convenience to them. We, at Epitome Stitches, are well known for providing the highly experienced and professional online tailoring solution, who assures to offer the best fit of apparels. We are known for stitching the different types of women’s apparels like Blouses, Ghagra Choli, Kurtis, Bottoms, Salwar Suits, Gowns, Semi-Western Wear and Kid swear. Our aim is to provide the hassle free timely delivery of tailored clothes at your doorstep.

In this era of digitization and dominance of e-commerce, online boutiques are uniting all geographically isolated fashionistas by providing an intimate shopping experience just at the driveway or in the comfort of home. With boutiques providing personalized clothing and its e-retailing section delivering it at your doorsteps, time-deprived shopaholics are integrating online tailoring services among their daily chores. Few of the many advantages that are boosting online tailoring service and grasping the spotlight are:

Personalized tailoring:

Every woman has her own body structure and one just can’t fit in to standard size such as Small, Medium, Large or Extra Large. As some times Medium size can be too tight and Large doesn’t provide feel of a perfect fitting outfit. With online tailoring services personalized efficient ladies tailoring, no matter what your size is garments will be a perfect fit.


You just don’t have to shop of days together to find the ravishing outfit for you, as you can simply draw a picture of your imagination or just share the pattern picture with us. We will get that outfit custom tailored and get it delivered without any hassle. Geographical barriers are no longer an issue; you can get product delivery at the remotest of places just by a single click.


Gone are the days of dependence on dingy, narrow lanes of your local tailoring in neighborhood. No matter what time it is you can browse through the extensive range of products without getting pushed or shoved in the crowd. You can sit your most comfortable place in your home and browse the website and place an order at any time of your convenience. There's no place in this world which can provide us the comfort of our home so why not now enjoy tailoring services from comfort of your home.You will get your perfectly tailored oufits with a free pick up and delivery service from home or office.


Online shopping increases the variety without hampering this exclusivity. If you are keen on posing an unparalleled style statement then online ladies tailors should be your shopping destination for daily wear as well as for special occasions. Once tailored clothes will never be replicated for another customer so all the stitched apparels provide an exclusivity to everyone.

Fashion tips, review:

Our inherent habit of buying things after reading reviews is satisfied by our online tailoring services. We have now incorporated a product review section to simplify customer decision-making. We also impart accessory tips to be paired up with garments that enhance customer satisfaction.


We are one of the most trusted Online Tailoring Service providers with widest reach of 20+ kilo meters across the city from our location and with our dedicated services we are able attract walk-in customers from various parts of the city.

We believe in working from in house and we don’t hire any 3rd party services to serve our customers as it creates lot of complex issues and we provided complete end to end service from our premises be it logistics, stitching, alterations.

Although we are providing an online platform for the online stitching services, ordering or taking tailoring services from us is extremely easy and hassle-free. One just needs to create an account by signing up. After that, choose the category and follow the further steps. Everything is simple and trouble-free.

We have very well organized our services by keeping the convenience and the needs of the customers in the mind. Right from the clothes pickup, measurements, delivery of the final product as per the requirement be it a regular delivery or the express delivery, everything is systematic and easy to obtain. Online tailoring services are in trend because such services are provide the hassles free experience from the point of view of the service provider as well as the customer.

In our fast paced daily life, it is very difficult to visit a conventional tailoring shop for working women or for a homemaker to visit a tailoring shop to ensure that you get the best fitting and perfect execution of pattern by visiting time and again. To ease the process and to make the customers obtain the best tailoring services at your comfort and convenience, we have employed the very professional and highly skilled ladies tailors to make the life easier for all our customers.

Our everyday agenda is to providea good quality of tailoring services to all customers so that each and every customer should feel WOW after availing online tailoring services from us and we don’t believe in acquisition of customers through various marketing tactics as we keep it very simple that Good Customer Service will attract lot of customers without spending a penny.

Reasons To Opt Epitome Stitches:

• Highest priority is given for goodquality of stitching services.

• Comfort & Convenience to all our customers as we provide free pick-up and delivery across Bangalore in a stipulated timeline.

• You can Design/Customize on your own with our user friendly ready templates from website or from the Catalogue Page and if you have already decided about the design, just share the design picture with us through WhatsApp.

• When it comes to delivery of your new attire, we are very flexible as we provide 3 delivery options to choose from. Standard delivery is in 8 days and then comes Express Delivery in 5 days (additional charges may apply) and Super Express Delivery in 2 days (additional charges may apply).

• We have more than 2000 happy customers in our portfolio who place orders time & again.

• We have sucessfully completed 4 years in the field of Online Tailoring Services in Bangalore.

• We believe is retaining all our new/old customers by making them feel WOW about ourselves.

• We always ready togothat extra mile to make sure each and every customer of us is satisfied with our professional services.

• We provide complete end to end services In-house not by hiring any 3rd part service providers.

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