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Epitome Stitches is not known for charging whole lot of money for our online ladies tailoring services but we are known for delivering what makes a customer feel WOW about the ladies tailoring services we provide.

Below price guide below has been gathered with lot of thoughts and calculations but we still feel there will be scenarios wherein the pricing may depend upon the pattern or design required by you.

Every customer demands something different from us and we just can’t hold on to one winning formula of just proving good pricing to attract all types of customers.

Our customer’s has at least two of the below mentioned demands:

• Professional tailoring services

• Guaranteed fit with good quality of stitching

• Free doorstep pickup and on time delivery

• Delivery services in a very short period

• Logistic services after office hours

Pricing is very important, but in the long-run, it's the quality that we offer will make the customers stay loyal towards our tailoring services.

We can win loyalty of customers by offering great service, good quality of stitching and by building trust.

Whenever someone is thinking about hiring a ladies tailor to stitch something for self or for the family, price plays a very important role in the decision making.

Let’s agree that none is an expert in finding a good tailor, but one can always let everyone know who is a professional tailor and who is a bad tailor by looking at their work samples. If you have to implement the same skill level in finding a Good Ladies Tailor Online then it’s an impossible task to complete. One has to use their 6th sense and do a whole lot of research to find good professional tailor who provides efficient and timely delivery of newly stitched outfit.

This is when we go by the reviews available on the internet to decide who is the best option available for us along the affordability of their services and when the both the criteria’s match our requirements one hires an Online Ladies Tailor.

Setting prices competitively is must; most of customers aren’t going to carry out a price comparison every time they hire online tailor, instead they’re looking for a reliable, trustworthy, convenient and enjoyable tailoring experience. We are very successful in establishing these qualities in our brand, which makes our job quite easier to convert a prospect into a permanent customer.

There’s very famous quote “Quality comes with effort “

In ladies tailoring field this quote requires bit of modification that is “Quality comes with effort and effort needs lot of time”. Our focus is more on quality rather than just managing to complete an outfit stitching within a certain time frame.

We are providing our services like Blouse Stitching, Salwar Suit Stitching and Lahenga Blouse Stitching at very exceptional price so that all the classes of society can be our customers but the quality we offer is unmatched by even the top end service providers even after a hefty price tags.

A customer who hire online tailors based only on price don’t usually know what they need is quality of stitching or just an outfit which is of ill-fitting and without proper finishing in the final outfit. They go into the process of hiring a service provider without a firm grasp of the solution that is actually required by them.

Nonetheless, when you’re paying us, to get a perfectly stitched outfit it is our duty to complete that particular task in a detailed manner with proper finishing to it. So keeping everything in mind before we start to make the outfit we keep at least 3-4 hours’ time line to complete one outfit. Eventually, it even goes beyond our time frame as most of the patterns require a lot of dedication to provide a proper finishing to it.

“You Get What You Pay For”

Tailoring services is one such field where this proverb fit really well in terms of designs and patterns but sometimes the best in the business also can falter when it comes to executing a skillful pattern which requires lot of experience in the industry, this is where Epitome Stitches makes its mark by employing a well experienced and skillful ladies tailor.

Happy Tailoring to you!!!

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