Epitome Stitches
Who is Epitome Stitches?
Epitome Stitches is a team of highly professional and creative tailors who will design your apparels as per your need with Guaranteed Fit, we are here to relive the unhappy masses from the unprofessional behavior of tailors in your neighborhood.

Why to change from a neighborhood tailor to Epitome Stitches.com?
We believe in 100% customer satisfaction and retaining them over a period of time. Our work includes many standard details which you will not find with your neighborhood tailors and we assure you that your order is stitched perfectly as per your size, style and specifications.
Measurements and Delivery
What are my options for tailoring and charges for it?
We love to tailor Blouses, Punjabi Suits, Kurtas and Bottoms for you, price starts from Rs. 350

How will you know the measurements?
Very important aspect of our tailoring is Guaranteed Fit, you are requested to provide us the perfectly fitting garment for your measurement.

Do I need to provide measurement garment every time I order from Epitome Stitches.com?
Depends, we will maintain your order history with measurement profile, in case if there is any changes in measurements from your last order we request you to provide the measurement garment once again

What is Guaranteed Fit?
We understand that first time shoppers on our site may take some time getting used to it, hence as per our Guaranteed Fit policy, we alter the first apparel of the customer free of charge regardless of whose error it was. It’s a sort of insurance against your own mistake in providing the measurement garment. We also provide assistance to customers to create their measurement profile with us so that the next time around the fit is perfect.

What do I do if the apparels do not fit me?
Our goal is to make sure you look and feel you are very best and if not we will arrange for the alteration

What is your delivery promise?
We agree that you will be very eager to try your new set of apparels, we will get your order delivered in 08 days

Will you charge extra for the garment/material pickup?
No, we are offering the services without any additional charges.
An Appointment
How can I book an appointment?
We love to get a apparel tailored for you, simply register with us or call/whatsapp on +91 98863 99901 or email us on help@epitomestitches.com

How do I contact Epitome Stitches?
You can call/whatsapp us on +91 98863 99901 or via email on help@epitomestitches.com

What are my payment options?
We currently accept payment via Cash.

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