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The True Epitome of Custom Tailored Suits Online

The True Epitome of Custom Tailored Suits Online

With the coming of technological leads, small to medium scale businesses have long begun to shift to e-commerce portals. This has proved beneficial for them to attract a larger audience and make more people know about them and their services. We at Epitome Stitches aim to do the same.

  • Many a times have we heard about or seen men and women who can’t leave their homes, searching ‘online clothes alterations near me’? They look for tailors online who can help alter their suits or make new suits from scratch based on their instructions and needs. Our services are optimal for such men and women who for some reason aren’t able to travel to avail the services of a tailor shop.

We at Epitome Stitches hope to fill in such gaps so that people start trusting tailors online and our services as we strive to fulfill the women in Bangalore’s on demand online services.

Here’s Why We Think You Should Use Designing Custom Tailored Suits Online:

Men and especially women who are busy with their lives and can’t stand the hassle of visiting a tailor shop are encouraged to depend on our Tailors online.

A pleasant and comfortable experience:

  • You will no longer have to stand in the shops and instruct the tailors carefully all the time. The whole process of designing custom tailored suits online can be done while sitting in the comfort of your home.
  • Unlike in public places, you can consult with whomsoever you like at home and take a better decision all together.

Fully personalize and stylize your suits:

  • You can fully choose and select what pattern, fabric or style your suit will consist of before the designing process with the help of Tailors online.
  • We ensure full transparency and take it as our duty to deliver precise and immaculate work as per the customer’s requirements.

Customer satisfaction is key:

  • Our completed suits are shipped immediately as per the customer’s time requirements and our tailors online capacity.
  • We strongly believe in ensuring customer satisfaction since most of our customers are repeat customers and are proof as to what we stand for.

How Our Chain Of Process Works Here When You Design Custom Tailored Suits Online:

Usually after having found us after a thorough search with ‘online clothes alterations near me’, here’s how our normal processes function during your use of our module:

1  You select what you want stitched:

  • This is the first process you go through.
  • Here you select what fabric you want used, the kind of dress you want or prefer as per your wish or need.

2  You customize the style of the suit or dress:

  • Here you select and fine tune the style you want your dress to stitched in.
  • The tailors online are also informed about any alterations which are to be performed.

3  What time you’d prefer the completed dress to be delivered:

  • Finally, you are asked any specific time period within which you’d like the dress to be made and delivered. We however usually deliver the dress within 8 days as a guarantee.
  • You are expected to pay for the completed dress only after receiving and checking it to your satisfaction.
  • We hope you give us the opportunity to design custom tailored suits online as per your needs. Our highly professional team and staff cater to all parts of Bangalore and are known for our flexibility and large selection of patterns, fabrics and styles to choose from.

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