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Some Sewing techniques that one should know about Online Stitching Services

Some Sewing techniques that one should know about Online Stitching Services

It’s always best to get your outfits stitched or sewed rather than buying yourself readymade outfits. One can customize the garments the way they want to. One only needs to have a good tailor. For finding the best tailor, one can search online or can check out the Stitching Online services. Even if you are getting sewed there are some sewing techniques that one should know.

Sewing techniques that should be kept in mind

  • One should know how to press

Though ironing and pressing both involve an iron but both are completely different. While you press, you put the iron onto the garment or the fabric but, while you iron, you glide the iron back and forth. Iron can deform the fibers of your clothes so it’s recommended to press rather than iron when sewing.

  • Stay stitching

Stay stitching helps in preventing the deformation to the curves. For stay stitching a curve, one should set their stitch length for about 1.5. Stitching should have a gap of about 1/8” from the sewing line. Curves should be stay stitched just after they are cut.

  • Clip the corners and the curves

A simple technique that can create wonders.  For bulky curves and corners, clipping a corner in the diagonal may help you get close to seam. This is only applicable for curves.

  • Seam Finishes

The sewists who have just began sewing, if they think that once you have sewed the work is done then, it’s wrong. It all depends on your garments and fabrics.

  • Hems

A hem that is well executed gives a professional finish to your garment. It depends on the style and fabric of the garment. One should know about types of the hem to pick the best for their garments. Some of the best hems are sew-a-rolled hem, sew-a-blind hem, sew-a-rolled hem, twin needle and may more.

  • Use a rotary cutter

For sewists, cutting mat and rotary cutter are like invaluable tools. If one learns how to cut with rotary cutter then, they have skilled in the master of sewing. You will be amazed so as to how fast you can cut a pattern with rotary cutter, just keep it sharp.

  • Fussy Cutting

For isolating a motif on a patterned fabric, fussy cutting technique is used. This helps in creating appliqués to home-décor projects and garments. Trim your motif in such a way that you leave some seam allowance.

  • Bar Tacks

Areas like pocket openings receive stress which can be reinforced by bar tacks. They can either be sewn through zig-zag stitch by a machine or through a whip stitch by hand. They are generally 1/4” to 3/8” in length and 1/16” to 1/8 “in width.

  • Calculate the yardage for the custom bias

Even if you have knowledge of bias tape being made, you might be at a loss when it comes down to how much yardage is needed for creating the bias tape for your garment.

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