Importance Of Power Dressing in 21st century

Today, fashion has become a useful tool to assert one’s power. Dressing according to the fashion trends not only enhances one’s confidence but also raises one’s standard of living. Amid all fashion trends, power dressing is a highly prevailing trend, which empowers an individual, and builds his/her reputation and asserts authority in the business world. At present, women are not served with right position or rank in the corporate world. They are prejudiced and hence, sidelined due to their feminine roles. However, they are equally efficient as their male counterparts but their potential is not recognized or acclaimed in the patriarchal world.

Ways to Adopt Power Dressing Style

Now, it’s the right time to take steps and end the male dominance through the use of power dressing. Employ the power dressing into practice and see how the entire world changes around you as people will start reacting differently, and value you and your work. Therefore, adhere to the power dressing style and emphasize your authority into the corporate world. If you don’t know anything about power dressing, then here are the effective ways to adopt it.

1.Choose Perfect Fitting Clothes

Your power displays through your attire. Choose an outfit, which provides a perfect body-fit. A perfect fit will showcase that you are the good controller and can manage every situation effortlessly. Therefore, whatever you wear pant or skirt, give it a perfect fit by employing the online tailoring service.

2. Buy Timeless Outfits

Add timeless outfits to your wardrobe as they never go outdated and remain in trend for long. Therefore, purchase outfits such as little black dress, jacket or blazer and pants. If you don’t find the right kind of outfit, then get it stitched from online tailors. The online tailors provide the best online  stitching  services to customers globally.

3.Signature Look

If you want to look distinct from others, then create a signature look for yourself. Choose the outfit that looks stylish on you. Keep it as your uniform for a special occasion such as meeting and other business events. Make your appearance appealing by adding some embellishments. Seek advice from online tailors as to which embellishment will go with an outfit. The online tailoring services are well-aware of the latest market trends and will provide valuable suggestions.


Not everyone knows this fact that the silhouette of a garment creates an impact on others. Actually, it is the foremost thing that viewers notice before your color or facial features. Moreover, you should work your body’s silhouette and develop a slim body with strong shoulders. Herein, the strong shoulders symbolize a dominant figure and power. Therefore, choose a customized outfit, which will add grace to your silhouette. Employ  online stitching services as their tailors meet the customer’s expectations and stitch dresses as per the demand.

5.Take Fashion Risks

When you have thoroughly learned about power dressing then the next step is to do a bold move. Experiment your clothing taste by wearing unusual accessories with the outfit. You can choose a pair of quirky shoes or an odd accessory to team up with the customized dress. The bold choice will raise your status quo and transform you into a fashion diva.


Practice the above-mentioned tips to follow the power dressing style religiously. If you want to know more tips on dressing styles, then visit epitome stitches. They provide at reasonable rates.

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