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Different Types of Blouse Sleeve Designs you Should Know

Different Types of Blouse Sleeve Designs you Should Know

Nothing can beat a woman wearing a beautiful saree. It is a traditional Indian wear that is perfect for any occasion. A woman who wants to look stylish and stunning, no option can be a better option than wearing a Saree. But the grace of Saree only relies on the type of blouse you wear. If you choose a wrong blouse, it can ruin your whole look. Sometimes, a designer and trendy blouse can make your look plain saree look stunning. So, if you plan to wear Saree for any occasion, make sure that you choose the right blouse to look perfect in the Saree. Getting a blouse stitched is no more a hassle for you if you get your blouse stitched from online tailors who stay up to date with the latest designs.

The pattern and design of the sleeves of the blouses also play a great role in enhancing your looks. You should choose the blouse sleeve designs as per your body type. So, to make it easy for you to choose the right type of sleeves, following are some of the blouse sleeve designs you should not miss out:

1 Quarter Sleeves:

Quarter sleeves amazingly provide the illusion of a tall and lean figure and are usually preferred by the classy women. This type of sleeves adds grace to your look by offering shapely finish to your shoulders and gives a subtle look to your curvy body. These sleeves are perfect for you if you want to cover up your plump arms.

2  Cap Sleeves:

Cap sleeves are perfect for the women who have extra-lean and toned shoulders. As the name reveals, cap sleeves look like a cap only i.e. cap-like design at the shoulder line of the blouse.

3 Halter Illusion:

Every woman might be aware of the halter blouse designs that are awesomely drooped over your shoulder and neck. Halter illusion, as the name suggests, do not, in fact, hung over the neck, but they give an illusion of same. In this type of design, you have a slight broad cloth over the shoulder.

4 Sassy off Shoulders:

Sassy off shoulders are so much in these days because it makes a woman look cute and simply alluring. These sleeves have the doll-like style which is a bit low down to the arms.

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