Are online tailors better than Traditional tailors?

online tailors

In the last few years, we saw Internet bringing unbelievable revolutions in many fields. The fields, internet impacted most, include entertainment, photography, education, medicine, commerce and many more.

 The shopping is witnessing a transition from traditional retail shopping to the rise of the lakhs of e-commerce platforms that sell almost all commodities online ranging from a needle to the heavy machinery required in medicine and other fields. This positive unstoppable intervention of the internet has now extended to the many other areas and one of them is Tailoring.

Yes, you read it right, you can now access tailors online anytime from anywhere in India. There are thousands of Tailors available online in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai and other cities of India.

Here are 5 most amazing advantages of getting clothes stitched by tailors online than the offline traditional tailors:

  • The most obvious advantage of hiring tailors online is the absence of hassle. You just need to ask for an online tailor and the clothes will be delivered on time promised. On the other hand, when you select a traditional tailor to stitch your clothes, it involves lot of your time and you will have to meet the tailor in person.

  • The tailors online don’t require you to meet them in person, all the communication between you and them is facilitated online and you will not even require move out of the house for even a single  time to inquire about the dress.

  • We all work tirelessly just to ensure comfort and convenience in our life. We may work like a labour in our office, but at the end of the day we all deserve to live like a prince. Online tailors provide their customers the maximum convenience they deserve. They save you precious time that you would otherwise require to approach the tailor in person.

  • Most important is they provide you doorstep service as deliveries are made to customers at the threshold of their houses.

  • Online there is no scope for mistakes for a tailor as the customer can easily ask the tailor for replacement. The recollection will be done from the same address. There is also no scope for wrong measurements when you hire the online tailors. You are required to take the measurement and then provide it to your online tailor.

  • Everything is done and fixed, you just need to visit the site of the online tailor and enter the details related to the order including address, name, measurement details, fabric and the type, design and the fashion of the dress.


People who remain busy for most of the day such as shopkeepers, salesmen, teachers and police personals, they understand it better how blessing is the doorstep delivery service provided by tailors online.

7 Things You Need To Know About Online Tailors

Finding a, best tailor in today’s world has become easier than the past. You can access Tailors online living in any part of your city or town and the delivery boy will arrive at your doorsteps to pick and deliver the order. Epitomestitches offer you the best chance to know about tailors online.

Unlike the past, looking Dapper in today’s world is not considered a Luxury but a prerequisite as it reflects personality.  A person draped in ordinary or untidy clothes may not be able to impress an interviewer even if his/her skills are good than the other candidates. So it is important to look best in today’s world if you want to close a deal successfully.  The deal can be a sales deal, presentation, marriage proposal or a job interview.

Now the question arises where to get a dress that regardless of the scenario can help you nail your appearance.  The best tailor in your town, city or even in the colony can stitch you a dress of your desire. But they often remain overbooked and the customers face a lot of other hassles when they get their clothes stitched by a tailor in their locality or town.

Finding a, best tailor in today’s world has become easier than the past.  You can access Tailors online living in any part of your city or town and the delivery boy will arrive at your doorsteps to pick and deliver the order.  This new breed of Tailors online works more professionally than traditional tailors.

Here are seven amazing things about tailors online that you may not know about them.

  • The traditional tailors in your locality remain overbooked for most of the time. When you place your order, you get your clothes stitched after days and sometimes after weeks. And at the same time when you hire a tailor online, you don’t face any such hassle.

  • As soon as you book a tailor online, the delivery boy arrives at your doorsteps to pick the order and delivers it at the same address. But when you hire traditional tailors, it consumes your lot of time.

  • Sometimes you don’t have enough time to for going down to the tailor himself.  When you hire tailors online, you don’t need to step out of your house, all the communication is done online.

  • The convenience online tailors provide is not possible when you hire traditional tailors. In today’s world, life has become too busy so most people are shifting towards online tailors. In modern day life, if you are able to save few minutes, that is not less than a treasure. You don’t need to personally approach the tailor.
  • In your locality, there may be one or two tailors, but online you will find hundreds of tailors. You can check their work, portfolio, and experience to select a tailor of your desire.

  • The best tailor living 25 km away from your house may not be accessible to you traditionally but online you can access him with just a single click. So it in a way means all the best tailors of your city are at your fingertips.

  • There is not any scope for mistakes, wrong measurements in the case of online tailors because you are asked to take your measurement yourself and provide it to the online tailor. If there is a defect in the dress, the online tailors provide you recollection services as well.


The markets may be flooded with readymade garments, but the tailor-made clothes have their own importance as they are customizable than the readymade garments and can be stitched in any desired way.  Nowadays you have tailors online available to stitch clothes. Now you don’t need to rely entirely on the traditional tailors, you have choices available in the form of tailors online.

Get Dresses and Clothes made from an Online Tailor with No Hassle at All

In our generation, we have grown up with lots of people going through the ordeal of going to the tailor shop, getting their dresses and suits made. Ask anyone and they’ll tell how it was, to go to a tailor shop that was crowded, to shout out all the instructions and still, sometimes get clothes that had mistakes in it. It is because of these reasons that the entire concept of having access to an online tailor came about. It is a fairly new concept, though many, who try it, are getting hooked to the service and advantages.

Epitome Stitches is all about just that, making the whole process of having clothes tailored as per the customer’s preferences-minus the hassle that they usually face. We have tried going to different shops to get our clothes made, and trying out an online tailor shop is just the thing we need to get more benefits, and less issues or problems.

What Benefits can we expect from an Online Tailor shop like Epitome Stitches?

  • The first and most underrated benefit of this will be that we can finally stop visiting tailor shops in basements and crowded localities. We won’t have to burden ourselves with the manual functions any more, of talking out aloud and making sure that the tailor got the correct information.
  • When we’ll use the services of an online tailor, we can do it easily from our home without any of the hassles. We can enjoy our privacy while we place an order, or consult with a friend or relative without any rush.
  • Another important benefit will be to choose from a large inventory of dresses and cloth patterns, all at once. Basically, instead of a tailor shop where we have to painstakingly look for different patterns physically, here, we can view icons of all the available patterns and types and simply choose which one we would prefer from the online tailor shop.
  • This lets you to adapt any fabric or style into the suit that you want made or the saree, a blouse, etc without ruining it or losing out on quality or style. This is important since it will guarantee you a plethora of colors and designs to choose from without wasting any time, or compromising on any aspect of your dress or suit.
  • If we hire a competent online tailor like the ones from Epitome, we’ll get added benefits like getting to choose when our clothes should be expected to ship, having a flexible mode of payment, and customize in any way as desired by you.

In order to avail benefits such as those mentioned here, and much more, we’ll have to avail the services of a professional and competent online tailor shop like Epitome Stitches. They have enshrined traits and qualities that can guarantee such advantages without creating any issues or problems of any kind that can disrupt the whole tailoring and delivery process. Epitome Stitches in fact, is known for its transparent processes so that any man or woman getting their suits and dresses made from them can keep track of the progress on their order among other things.

Benefits of hiring online tailors you never knew

What if you have clothes to be stitched or altered urgently but your hectic work schedule does not allow you to get it on time! If you are the one who is unable to rush to the market or tailor shop for getting it done, then you can look for the tailors who work online rather than looking for offline tailors. It is really simple to deal with the tailors working online as you simply need to put your request for alteration or stitching online on the tailor’s website. What can be more amazing than getting tailoring services in the comforts of your home! But many people have the question in their mind that why should they hire online tailors instead of hiring offline tailors. Read this blog to know the difference.

Here are some of the amazing benefits of hiring online tailors you never knew before:

  • Convenience:

Convenience is the most obvious benefit of working with the tailors online. You no more need to walk out of the home for getting clothes stitched or altered. You can let them know your requirements either via phone call or email. They come to your place and pick your clothes to be stitched or altered on their own. So, you just need to hire the right tailor over the internet who can offer you these convenient services.

  • Customized designs:

Nowadays, people prefer getting their clothes stitched by designers rather than paying high costs for buying a designer dress from the outlet. If you have some design in your mind that you want to get stitched for some special occasion, you do not need to rush to the market for searching the same design. You can simply send the design you want to get stitched to the online tailors via email or other medium and they can provide you the customized design as per your desires.

  • No chances for mistakes:

While working with the tailors online, you either have to take measurements on your own or you have to provide some of your right-fitted garment, so it leaves no scope for mistakes and recollections from the tailor’s side.

  • Affordable services:

As compared to the offline tailoring services, online tailoring services are provided at lower charges. Since online tailors don’t have any big commercial offices or centers for tailoring, therefore, they don’t cost you a lot. This is also one of the amazing reason to work with the tailors working online.

  • Doorstep services:

While hiring the online tailoring services, you don’t need to worry about picking up your stitched or altered clothes from the tailor’s shop. Instead, they deliver your request your doorstep as per the decided schedule.

Since there are lots of benefits associated with the online tailoring services, therefore, it is better to look for the online tailors available in your area rather than looking for the offline tailors. Whether you have to get your clothes altered or stitched, make sure to send your request to online tailors to get services at your doorstep.

Online Tailoring Services for Traditional Pattu Pavadai

A Pattu Pavadai (Langa Voni Telugu: లంగా ఓణీ, Pavadai Daavani Tamil: பாவாடை, Langa Davani Kannada: ಲಂಗ ದಾವಣಿ) is a traditional dress worn mainly in South India by young girls. It is also known as the two-piece saree or half saree. Younger girls wear this attire on special occasions such as Puja’s and Festivals.

It comprises a Langa or Pavadai, a skirt which is tied around the waist using string, and a Voni, Oni, or Davani, which is a cloth usually 2 to 2.5 metres in length. The voni is draped diagonally over a choli (a tight fitting blouse, same as worn for saree). Usually, the garment is woven with cotton or silk. A variant of this is the Gagra choli of North India (the difference between the two being the direction of draping the voni or dupatta). The modern day “lengha-style sari,” worn by Indians across the subcontinent mainly for special occasions, is inspired by the Langa Voni.

Coming of the ages, Epitome Stitches the Online tailoring service provider in Bangalore provides services to stitch a Pattu Pavadai from the age of 6 months to an teenager. We are very well equipped and experienced to stitch the traditional dress code for a Traditional South Indian Look in this Modern Era.

Few patterns of Pattu Pavadai :