Get the Best Dress or Suit made from Tailors Online

Technology has certainly grown in leaps and bounds over the years and has changed whatever it has affected while reducing effort, and improving the outcome. The technological prowess of the Internet, similarly, has changed the way small and medium scale businesses were conducted earlier.

Now, the businesses have shifted to online, e-commerce portals. This has granted them countless benefits and has given them a larger crowd of potential customers. We, at Epitome stitches, are not one to stay behind the curb and have brought our services to the online masses with the best online tailor services.

If you are one of those who don’t find the time to visit tailor shops by yourselves for whatever reason, and still want to avail online tailor services, Epitome Stitches will certainly help you in your endeavors. You won’t have to face any of the difficulty of traveling to a tailor shop, yet will receive custom made suits and dresses as per your fancy and design.

Why we believe you should avail our services if you’re looking for online ladies tailor or men?

Our online tailors deliver only the best and quality products as per your requirements:

  • Personalize and choose the design that suits you

With our online tailor service, you will be at a liberty to customize and choose what fabric, style, or pattern of your suit during the process where it’s being designed.

Our services are immaculate and transparent so you needn’t worry about any unethical practice that may hamper your suit.

  • Have a comfortable experience online:

Unlike any problem you can face in public places, you can safely and comfortably choose and decide your choice at online tailor store for women.

You won’t even have to stand at tailor shops and properly instruct the tailor out of fear of any wrong design being made by him.

How to get your own custom designed suits from any of our online ladies tailor?

As part of our online procedure, you’ll normally go through the following procedure for an optimum experience ordering custom clothes online:

  1. Firstly, you need to choose what you want to get stitched. This includes you choosing the fabric you would like to be used. You will also choose the kind of suit or dress you want to be made.
  2. Then, you can proceed to the part where you customize what style you want your dress to be stitched in. Our online tailor will not miss any single detail from what you explain on our site.
  3. Finally, you will inform us a particular time period you would prefer to receive the completed suit or dress, if any. Regardless, we have a policy of delivering the dress within 8 days guaranteed time.

You are not expected to pay during any part of this entire process. No advance or immediate payment is requested. It’s only when you have received and checked your dress will you be expected to make payment. Our staff of professional designers and online tailor services in Bangalore will be more than enough to tackle whatever you may wish to be designed for you.

The True Epitome of Custom Tailored Suits Online

Tailored Suits Online

With the coming of technological leads, small to medium scale businesses have long begun to shift to e-commerce portals. This has proved beneficial for them to attract a larger audience and make more people know about them and their services. We at Epitome Stitches aim to do the same.

  • Many a times have we heard about or seen men and women who can’t leave their homes, searching ‘online clothes alterations near me’? They look for tailors online who can help alter their suits or make new suits from scratch based on their instructions and needs. Our services are optimal for such men and women who for some reason aren’t able to travel to avail the services of a tailor shop.

We at Epitome Stitches hope to fill in such gaps so that people start trusting tailors online and our services as we strive to fulfill the women in Bangalore’s on demand online services.

Here’s Why We Think You Should Use Designing Custom Tailored Suits Online:

Men and especially women who are busy with their lives and can’t stand the hassle of visiting a tailor shop are encouraged to depend on our Tailors online.

A pleasant and comfortable experience:

  • You will no longer have to stand in the shops and instruct the tailors carefully all the time. The whole process of designing custom tailored suits online can be done while sitting in the comfort of your home.
  • Unlike in public places, you can consult with whomsoever you like at home and take a better decision all together.

Fully personalize and stylize your suits:

  • You can fully choose and select what pattern, fabric or style your suit will consist of before the designing process with the help of Tailors online.
  • We ensure full transparency and take it as our duty to deliver precise and immaculate work as per the customer’s requirements.

Customer satisfaction is key:

  • Our completed suits are shipped immediately as per the customer’s time requirements and our tailors online capacity.
  • We strongly believe in ensuring customer satisfaction since most of our customers are repeat customers and are proof as to what we stand for.

How Our Chain Of Process Works Here When You Design Custom Tailored Suits Online:

Usually after having found us after a thorough search with ‘online clothes alterations near me’, here’s how our normal processes function during your use of our module:

1  You select what you want stitched:

  • This is the first process you go through.
  • Here you select what fabric you want used, the kind of dress you want or prefer as per your wish or need.

2  You customize the style of the suit or dress:

  • Here you select and fine tune the style you want your dress to stitched in.
  • The tailors online are also informed about any alterations which are to be performed.

3  What time you’d prefer the completed dress to be delivered:

  • Finally, you are asked any specific time period within which you’d like the dress to be made and delivered. We however usually deliver the dress within 8 days as a guarantee.
  • You are expected to pay for the completed dress only after receiving and checking it to your satisfaction.
  • We hope you give us the opportunity to design custom tailored suits online as per your needs. Our highly professional team and staff cater to all parts of Bangalore and are known for our flexibility and large selection of patterns, fabrics and styles to choose from.

Western Wear Essentials to Have in Every Girl’s Wardrobe

Unique Western Wear

Women are quite lucky as they have countless options to choose from when it comes to wardrobe. But, many times this luxury becomes the biggest reason behind the confusion. It happens when your wardrobe is flooded with the numerous options. But, ladies need not worry because today we are going to tell you about the latest as well as must have western wears that you should keep in your wardrobe always. If you want to get your clothes stitched, then you can take online stitching services too. Such services are capable of fulfilling your each and every desire and need.

Essential And Unique Western Wear You Should Have In Your Wardrobe

If you want to keep yourself ready for different occasions, then we are going to tell you about the best, essential, and unique western wear that you should have in your wardrobe. You can opt for the online stitching services as well for customization. Just take a look at the wardrobe essentials:

  • A White Tee: One of the most important and must-have western wear is a plain white tee. It is a perfect pick for a casual outing. It is not just a comfortable option, but a stylish one too. You can team up the tee with a jacket to look more glamorous.
  • Well-Fitted Denims: If you are looking for something which is comfortable as well as chic, then nothing is better than wearing a good and well-fitted denim with the right top. There are several denim shades in the market, so choose the one that looks good on you.
  • A Short Black Dress: A perfect black dress is all you need for all those exciting night-outs. If you want to give your personal touch to your glamorous black dress, then there are many online stitching options available where you can design your vision.
  • An Elegant Pencil Skirt: Although pencil skirt is a good option for formal meetings, but you can carry the skirt for your normal routine as well. It is an ideal pick for club night and for an evening date. But, keep the length in mind. It should not be too long or too short. An online tailor will give you the perfect suggestion about the length.
  • Denim Shorts: When it comes to comfort and style in the summers, then denim shorts are the best way to showcase your glamorous side. Wear the denim shorts with a nice top and sneakers to rock the floor. To add more spark, you can also wear a black tight with the denim shorts. It will give you a cool look.

So, these are some of the basic essentials you should keep in your wardrobe. You can consult with one of the best online stitching services providers, Epitome Stitches to know the latest trends.

Different Designer Kurtis for Different Body Shapes

designer long kurtis

Have you ever felt that a specific kurti does not look good on your body? If yes, then you might be wearing the wrong type of kurti all through your life. Every girl or woman should prefer wearing kurti as per their body shape. Kurti is a comfortable ethnic wear that can be worn for any occasion. From office meetings to presentations in college, schools, or wedding occasion, kurti can be the ideal wear for a girl if she chooses the right kind of kurti. No matter how expensive kurti you buy, what matters is how it fits on your body shape. Whether you want to get your designer long kurtis or buying from a store, always remember to buy the designer kurtis according to different body shapes.

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Ways To Choose The Best Online Tailoring Services For Wedding Gown

Now, the trend has changed a lot. Many brides love to wear something different on their special day. While, some girls prefer traditional dresses, many girls always want to try different dresses for their pre and post wedding functions. The different style of gowns is there for you. If you are you planning to stitch your wedding gown online, then there are many options available now. Epitome Stitches is one of them that provides its customers with the best, reliable, and affordable online tailoring services. You can also do some useful research online for the best stitching service providers available near you.

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Things To Consider When Buying Kids Wear For Summers

online stitching services

If you are planning to modify your kid’s wardrobe for the summers, then it should be cute, adorable, and effortless. Gone are the days when kids fashion was neglected. Now, kids fashion is a huge industry. Just like adults, kids also want something unique, stylish, and trendy in their wardrobe. 21st century kids are more modern and have knowledge about the fashion and style sense. If you want to buy clothes, then choose per the choice of your kid’s, otherwise online stitching services are also there. Through such services, you can design the clothes as per the comfort level and choice of your kid’s.

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Different Types of Blouse Sleeve Designs you Should Know

online tailors

Nothing can beat a woman wearing a beautiful saree. It is a traditional Indian wear that is perfect for any occasion. A woman who wants to look stylish and stunning, no option can be a better option than wearing a Saree. But the grace of Saree only relies on the type of blouse you wear. If you choose a wrong blouse, it can ruin your whole look. Sometimes, a designer and trendy blouse can make your look plain saree look stunning. So, if you plan to wear Saree for any occasion, make sure that you choose the right blouse to look perfect in the Saree. Getting a blouse stitched is no more a hassle for you if you get your blouse stitched from online tailors who stay up to date with the latest designs.

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Get Best Salwar Suit Designs From Online Tailoring Services

best Salwar suit designs

Most of the girls love to wear traditional dresses. Apart from saree, Salwar suit is one of the most popular attires among the girls. One can wear Salwar suits in the festive, casual, and in the wedding ceremonies. The reason is simple because there are countless styles of Salwar suits available in the market. Even online tailoring offers various styles in the Salwar suits. You can choose as per the occasion and your budget.

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Benefits Of Choosing Online Stitching Services

Online Stitching Services

Things are changing so fast. Latest technologies and the internet have already brought several significant changes in our lives. Everything is available easily at our fingertips. This is the reason why people are taking their tailoring business online. Such services are like a boon for those who don’t have sufficient time for doorstep stitching. Those people can make the most of these online stitching services.

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Why to Book Online Tailoring Services in Bangalore?

Online Tailoring Services in Bangalore

No matter how much the ready garment business takes over the market and people buy latest brands of Jeans, T-shirts, Tops and Shalwars online but there are people who will always prefer to go to the tailor.

For stitching clothes, nowadays you have two options available either to visit a tailor in your locality or to book online tailoring services in Bangalore. The later one is much in trend because hiring a local tailor to stitch your clothes has certain disadvantages.

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